y   i s  m o r e   i n t e r e s t i n g   t h a n   y o u   m a y   t h i n k ...

Although you may like what you see on our websites, you would be happy to know that we have so much more to offer to you!

We currently own four large online stores on eBay.co.uk where we have over 15,000 items available online to purchase today, from badges, to boots, to tunics, to belts/buckles, and a lot more.

Our websites hold items that we receive a lot of on a daily basis, these items can be purchased on our retail website or wholesale. However the items on our eBay stores can be quite interesting and exciting!

When we receive only one or two of a special item, this will be listed on our eBay stores instead of the websites, this means that all the interesting collectibles and rare items can be found on any of our four stores and purchased at excellent prices!

Each eBay store is monitored daily and items are added all day, everyday to each store. These can be auctions to bid on for a chance to win or buy it now goods! 

British Military Surplus - Was first opened in 2009 and receives over 500 positive feedback comments every month! This is our largest eBay store and it currently holds 5000 items.

Soldier Select - This is our second shop opened up in 2012, this store has a 1-2 day dispatch time and has a large ceremonial section available!

Advanced Armed Forces - Our third eBay store, first started up also in 2012, this store has had a transformation over the past three years and is now on 100% feedback - which is a big achievement in the eBay world!

KwikBoots - This is our smallest eBay store opened in 2014 with currently 1300 items available online, this specialises in all footwear. This store sells individual boots, showing their actual photos, all condition is stated, and dispatch time is quick also!

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