The POWER of Social Media  . . .

Field Textiles are currently on several social media platforms including; Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

All together we have 5,366 followers over our three social media pages, all of which we regularly update with sales, offers, events, new products, and wholesale deals of the week!

We constantly are receiving interactions on our posts on each social media page, weather this be likes, follows, comments or shares. This means that our posts are reaching the right people and they are interested in what we have to offer!

Social media is a great way to interact with new customers and let them know exactly what we do and what we have for them to purchase!

Everyone is using social media right now as it is a good, effective way to communicate with one another quickly when we may need to.

Advantages of social media;

  • New Customers
  • Advertise Websites
  • Advertise New Sales & Deals
  • Communicate with customers all over the world
  • Reach a wider audience 
  • Target potential customers with interest in our products

We use all three social media platforms as each have their own advantages;

Facebook currently has 1190 followers and our profile has 4842 friends. All of which can see our daily posts about eBay sales, new products available, weekly deals and etc. Facebook allows us to communicate directly with customers whom may need an update on their order or wish to find out more about our products. Facebook is a quick way to directly share eBay products and/or sales and post about a new deal on offer that very week.

Twitter is currently holding 2936 followers, these followers can also be put into groups based on their interests so we can directly post to those appropriate to the product/service we are offering at that time! Twitter has always been a great social media platform to use and Field Textiles has been successful on this and will continue to use.

Instagram allows us to post images only, this is a good social media platform for our younger generations as this is their most used site! We post images onto the Instagram page that may show a new product we have just received in stock, or it may show a image linking to one of our eBay stores. Instagram is effective as it is images only and no text - which makes it quicker and easier to see what we are posting and what we have to offer.

Social media is most powerful for us, we enjoy using social media to connect with our customers and keep them up to date with our daily activities at Field Textiles!

Check out our social media pages by using the links below;