Camouflage is the new black? Correct! Camouflage is everywhere right now, and we are absolutely l♥ving it! We want to address this fact and explain to you why you should be on this trend too!


Camouflage is currently showing in all top branded shops, such as River Island, Topshop, Missguided, New Look, ASOS and so many more, so get camouflage in your wardrobe today!!


Although not meant to be seen... Camouflage is all around us right now in 2018! Quoted from ‘’, Kristen Nichols makes the

following statement; “Whether styling a camo jacket with an outfit that is otherwise head-to-toe white, or building a look around a

pair of camo trousers, you can’t go wrong by adding the print to your wardrobe.”


As early as 1943, camouflage was picked out by “Vogue” magazine and this was incorporated into the fashion industry and by the 1980’s camouflage trends went sky high!


Today camouflages are available from tops, to shoes, to skirts, to trainers! Top designers such as Moschino, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren have adopted Camouflage couture into their very own items and it is becoming most popular!


Fashion has taken camouflage and turned it around completely! Created to assist with invisibility – now worn as a bold fashion statement around the world!

Visit ‘The Burnt Mill Boutique’ tab to see how we have brought the fashion industry and the Army together as one, and make sure to add

some camo to your wardrobe this year as we can see camouflage taking off and becoming the new black.


The Burnt Mill xox

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